4/15/05 ~ dEUS touring in the U.S.

from the website

Hello everybody. Last time i put a letter like this on our site, it was not such a great moment for either one of us playing in dEUS. That's why, this time, I'm glad it is on a lighter, much happier note that i present you a small update of what we have been up to since.

The album is almost finished. Title to be confirmed. It will feature 12 new songs, of which, at this stage, 9 are finished: 'Pocket Revolution', 'The Real Sugar', 'Firewinds', 'Sun Ra', '7 days, 7weeks' and 'Smoker's Reflect' to name just a few of them. We are super-proud of the result so far and can't wait to present it to you and play the songs live. We expect to finish work end of May.

We are also happy to announce that dEUS signed a record-deal with V2, who will release the album worldwide in September. From there on, it's touring like there's no tomorrow: Europe, States, Australia...

The wait has been long enough, we're all eager to play.
Have a great summer.

See You Soon
Tom Barman