4/12/05 ~ I say "hello" and you say "feed me"

Kennedy's first word is "kitty-kitty". Granted, only a mom and dad are so capable to identify the word "kitty-kitty" from all her other meaningless babble... but it's there. Too cute. First few teeth are coming in. She's crawling all over the place. Kennedy can pull herself up. She can dig through mommy's record collection. She knows if she cries enough, Daddy will pick her up... no matter what.

She's also learned how to wave. Whenever I say, "Say hi". She'll start waving. However, I don't think she knows yet what the wave is used for. Instead, whenever I'm feeding her dinner and I'm not shoveling the food fast enough, Kennedy will start waving as a way to say, "Come on, Dad! More food! Faster!" So it is, in between every spoonful, she waves.