3/28/05 ~ Cult of Cool

Received the most recent issue of Rolling Stone (#971, April 7) in the mail today. On page 42, Paul Hornschemeier is featured on "The Next List".

The Three Paradoxes, Hornschemeier's new graphic novel, to be published in June by Fantagraphics, employs multiple narratives and continues his "fascination with the subjective world," he says. "I'm interested in the deterioration of memory and the nature of first-person accounts." Is there a unifying element to the variety of artwork and color schemes in his work? "My style has a kind of Midwestern openness," he says.

A few pages previous, R. Crumb is interviewed. A few pages previous to that, Rolling Stone talks briefly about a Shaun of the Dead comic book.

Personally, I think this is significant. Of course, Rolling Stone saying something's cool doesn't make it so. That's not the point. The point is Rolling Stone felt the need to say something. Comic books are finding a new niche.

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