3/23/05 ~ Love that mini-comic

"Some Other Day" was reviewed on the Fourth Rail by Randy Lander as part of his Staple Expo coverage. (click here for the full review)

Some Other Day is a strange snapshot of several lives in small-town Texas and how they're affected by what looks like a cosmic event but turns out to be something a little more grounded in reality (if still kind of odd.)

It's a lot of story to bite off in this small package, and most of the stories come to something of an abrupt end, but there are some very true, effective moments in each one as well. Kelly's artwork perfectly matches this blend of mundane, everyday and more outrageous happenings, and he's got great storytelling skills as well as a style that reminds me of early work from both Steve Rolston and Mike Norton, two Oni Press mainstays. I see promising futures for both of these guys.

I only have a few copies left of the second printing, which I'm going to distribute to various comic book stores. Austin Books has a few copies on the shelf.