3/12/05 ~ Too many message boards?

It's time to take inventory of all the online communities I participate in.

Fanboy Radio ~ My main source of online interaction. The best community. I've met some great friends through this site.

Viper Comics ~ Much love for my publisher. As of April 2nd, there should be a Karma Incorporated forum available, so I'll post there more and more with updates and random stuff.

SmartCommons ~ Home to the "Friends of the Antihero" community, a private little corner of the internet where I post secret announcements on all things related to this site. SmartCommons was designed by some good friends of mine.

Oni Press ~ Best thing about this forum is that all the creators are fairly active on it. Friendly place to say hi to Chynna, Xtine, Mal, Antony, or Jamie. Also some lively political chat.

Flight Comics ~ Honestly? I view this forum as where all the "cool kids" hang out. Such good art! Everyday there's something posted on that forum that amazes me.

Comic Foundry ~ A great site, and not just because Tom and I are the "highest rated" members. It's a good idea, with a cool design and layout. I visit the site occasionally to see what's been added.

Hero Realm ~ Both CAPE and Zeus Comics have a forum on this board, so I enjoy posting there from time to time.

Comixtreme ~ This was the first comic book message board I started posting on. Before I ever discovered Fanboy Radio, I was here. For awhile, I even wrote a column for this site, aptly titled "The Antihero".