This week, I've been finishing the script for Karma Incorporated, issue three. I know I probably should've finished months ago, considering I had the entire arc plotted back in August. Oh the shame.

As of this afternoon, it's more or less done. Tonight and tomorrow, I'm going to polish it a bit more, before sending it to Tom and Marlena for any last changes.

With everything I write, I try to create, not only a plot arc, but an emotional arc. It's fairly standard, but I find that many comic books fail to deliver on the latter.

I had an interesting experience while writing. I got so caught up in the direction of the story (it wasn't a surprise to me or anything), but I found myself oddly moved, even a little misty, as though I was experiencing it as a reader, not the writer. While working on the last few pages of Astronaut Dad, I had a similar moment. Everything clicks. Zen.

So yeah, the story is good. I'm proud of what we have. I can't wait for you to read it.