1/10/05 ~ The Sparrow

A few days ago, I received the lettered version of a short story I wrote for the upcoming Dead@17: Rough Cut, Volume 2 (published by Viper Comics). Greg Gaitlin did a wonderful job with the lettering-- adding the right touch to some incredible art by Guy LeMay.

For those of you who pick up a copy of Rough Cut #2, you'll enjoy LeMay's art. It's that noir-style, which people like Mike Mignola and Mike Oeming have popularized. LeMay knows how to work with shadows and use the darkness to create bold impressions of what's happening. It floored me when I first saw it. He took the story and plunged it into a much more sinister depth-- and then pages six and seven open to a glorious contrast. But of course, I'm speaking of things you haven't seen yet.

I'm confident with how I told the story. Crafting it to fit the needs of what I wanted to accomplish. That being said-- it's different. I use no dialogue, except a hymn which is sung throughout the story. I'm interested to see how fans and reviewers respond. For those people who love Dead@17, I crammed a lot of important material into those eight pages-- the story of how Nara ends up being adopted.