1/6/05 ~ Theme music for the Fannie Awards

Jim Lujan has created the look and sound of Fanboy Radio. In honor of the 200th episode, Jim created some music for that particular show. If you haven't listened to 200, I accepted an award on behalf of Joss Whedon and my daughter Kennedy was nominated for "Guest with Filthiest Mouth", but we all know Bendis owns this category.

This is the super cheesy (little heard) FANNIES 05 theme I did for FBR. I would be honored if you exhibited this mp3 on the AntiHero in a display of raw cheese at its finest.

If you choose not to post it, I will always still love you.

- Jim

mp3 file

Anything for you, Jim. Feel free to post your tunes here anytime. Hmmm... maybe this site needs theme music? Heck, I think everything and everyone needs a soundtrack.