From Ain't It Cool News

Mein Gott! When I reviewed the first installment of this book I made comment about the rarity of an anthology without a single bad story. Well, damn if they didn't do it again...

...there's also very little story to The Stranger Waits For Me, but when you can cram that much suspense and atmosphere into a mere five pages who needs a story?

From Ron T's Recommends on the Image Comics forum

I really loved the first issue, but I have to say that something about issue 2 seemed better. I don't know if it was the writing, the art, or just my frame of mind while reading it, but WToT #2 delivers.

The first tale, The Stranger Waits For Me kicked the book off with a bang. The black/white art (Benjamin Hall), as well as the great grays (Marlena Hall) make David Hopkins tale of a lone survivor of a massacre, though lighter in tone, really hooked me.

From Simply JD Online (review by Marc Lombardi)

David Hopkins kicks things off with "The Stranger Waits for Me" and I was a bit disappointed with this five-page-long tale. It's the typical story of the lone survivor left behind to tell the tale, but this one has a bit of a supernatural spin. It just seems too tame in comparison to the rest of the issue, especially since most of the dialogue is nothing more than song titles.

From Hoarse and Buggy Productions forum (review by Cowboy Matt)

The Stranger Waits For Me-- brilliant. I don't know if you meant to put this story first, but it really piqued my interest and makes you want to see what the next tale is.

I'll add more, if I find any. Good, bad, whatever-- I love reading people's reactions.