My name was briefly mentioned on CBR this week in an interview with publisher Josh Fialkov.

"To the submissions, we've actually made it a point to try to help out young up and comers, much in the way some of our pro's are helping us out. We've made a point to introduce new writers and artists to the world, and we've also made a point in only bringing the best of the best. Thus far, we've introduced Jay Busbee and Jared Bivens into the industry, and David Hopkins and Ben Hall (who've also done work for Viper and Silent Devil). To give guys with limited resumes but loads of talent a chance to be published alongside huge name guys is the sort of opportunity I always salivated over, and it's a true honor to be able to do it for them."

Speaking of, Western Tales of Terror #2 will be stores next Wednesday! I feel good about this short story. If you have the opportunity, pick up a copy.