12/18/04 ~ Favorite Dad Moment

Melissa showed me what she got Kennedy for Christmas. And it reminded me, I hadn't bought anything for my own daughter for her first Christmas. Obviously, I thought a nice cardboard box, some wrapping paper, or rolled-up sock would be a perfectly acceptable gift for a girl seven months old. Yet it occurred to me one day Kennedy might, just might, ask me what I got her for her first Christmas, and then I'd have to tell her... a rolled-up sock in a box. (You know it's sad when you feel pressure from the teenager daughter who doesn't exist yet!) So Kennedy and I went shopping this evening.

We walked into the pet store. Oh dear god. Kennedy loves puppies. We sat next to a golden labrador retriever who was imprisoned behind plexiglass. Every time the puppy would do ANYTHING, Kennedy would start giggling. It was cute. I loved sitting there with my girl while she watched the puppy-- probably one of my favorite dad moments, second only holding her for the first time and handing her to Melissa for the first time.

Puppies may be cute and adorable, but we've got to wait until K gets a little bigger before we become dog owners. Our poor cat Josie. Another addition.