12/14/04 ~ Coming to a Theater Near You

Everybody loves movies. Like many others, I'm "in love" with movies. I love the craft, the power of the form, and amazing storytelling. It's overwhelming how many good films get made every year.

Here's some films I'm looking forward to...

The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (trailer) - Geoffrey Rush nailed it. Not only that, Peter Sellers is one of my favorite comedic actors. Being There is incredible.

The Aviator (trailer) - The story of Howard Hughes as directe by Martin Scorsese.

The Life Aquatic (trailer) - To me, Wes Anderson can do no wrong.

I Heart Huckabees (trailer) - Dammit! Why am I not writing stuff like this?! Why! It's stuff like this, that's so good, that just kicks my ass back to square one. I suck. This doesn't.