12/10/04 ~ Issue Two

I finally, finally, finally finished scripting the second issue for my **currently unannounced** series, the one being publishing. The first issue was written in a week, with re-writes taking another week. I'm a little embarrassed to admit how long it took to write the second issue, especially since I already plotted the entire arc months in advance. Truly sad.

The good news, and most importantly, I'm very happy with the script for issue two. Not only does it build on events from the previous issue, the plot escalates in some interesting ways. When I first thought of the idea for this story back in March, I didn't start on it, because I thought it'd be impossible to write. It was Melissa who encouraged me to get started. And then, in a hotel sushi bar after the Eisner's, sitting by myself a few feet from Brian Bendis and David Mack, I figured out how to write the story.

All I'm saying is... thank God I finished issue two! It's December 10th. I start writing issue three tonight.