Douglas Coupland, I concluded, is the still small voice in my head. I've been reading his stories since junior high. During those formative years, he was bumping around in my feeble brain. There's something about his quirky insights that speak to me, that comfort me. And to a large degree, Douglas Coupland's work has been the ideal, which I hope to capture in my own writing.

The Coupland Club is not a book club. Although, I highly recommend reading his work. Instead, it's my opportunity to occassionally spotlight my patron writer. From time to time, I will audioblog some excerpts from his books. Please bear in mind, I'm not a professional reader. I stumble and mispronounce words, but I'll try to get better.

Today, for our first meeting, I'm reading a chapter from Douglas Coupland's first novel Generation X. Enjoy.

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