(also on Melissa's blog) So strange. Melissa and I were both friends with Danielle. Not until last year, did we discover that we both knew her. Another situation where our lives crossed paths before we actually met. Melissa was best friends with her in Elementary. I was friends with Danielle in High School, and we went to church camp together. I found out about her death when I googled her name-- I thought it'd be fun for Melissa and I to meet up with Danielle again, but she's gone.

Danielle Lee Pio was born Sept. 22, 1979, in Indianapolis, Indiana. She attended Martin and Mansfield high schools. She was an avid writer and had written for the Star-Telegram's Class Acts section.

Survivors: 2-year-old son, Kenyon Michael Pio of Mansfield; father, Stephen Pio of Mansfield; sister, Jessica Spaulding of Arlington; and grandmother, Sara Decyk of Ellenton, Fla.

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I don't know if it really matters, but I'm curious as to what happened. Danielle was so young, and she left a 2-year-old son behind.