11/8/04 ~ Just Smile and Nod, week 18

Another column was posted on the Fanboy Radio website. This week, I wrote about the "prize" in the hero epic. [read it here]

Why does the hero even bother? Why risk his or her life for nothing? The prize is what motivates the hero forward, whether it is for love, to save a life, to gain fortune, honor, fame, or correct a wrong. The prize must be of equal or greater value than the struggle. If not, our hero is a fool or the tale is a tragedy. All is in vain. Without the prize, our story isn't a rational one. The characters are without motivation. The story falls flat.

"Just Smile and Nod" is a weekly column (posted every Monday) about the art of comics, about comics as literature. Currently, I've undertaken a lengthy series on genres, which should continue through the remainder of 2004.