11/5/04 ~ Wizard World TX, Day 1

The first day was good. I hung out at the Viper booth. Picked up a copy of Dead@17:Revolution #1. I'm excited to read it tonight after I get off the computer. Swung by and said hi to my friends at Silent Devil. Got a chance to meet Chris Moreno. He did a great sketch of "Moleman" for me. Speaking of sketches, Chris Medellin did a sketch of "Mr.Fantastic" that I love. Something about Medellin's style which I really like. And of course, I volunteered at the ACTOR booth from 2 to 6. I felt distracted most of the time. I just wanted to roam from booth to booth meeting people, and I didn't feel like I had the opportunity.

Our house party went very well. Here's some pics I took.

Afterwards, I swung by Greg Thompson's party. Met up with my friend Nick Derington. It was good to see him again. Am I name-dropping? That's such a bad habit. I'll stop. And just say, it was a good evening. I'll leave it at that.

The coolest party of the entire evening was that I heard Kennedy laugh for the first time... like real full-out laughter! At first, I didn't think it was coming from her. It was awesome.