11/3/04 ~ Previews

WESTERN TALES OF TERROR #2 is available for pre-order from Diamond comics from the current issue of Previews, order number NOV042745, on Page 293 of the November Previews.

I went to the comic book store on my lunch break. I bought a copy of Previews, because my name is in it. And well, I like seeing my name in Previews. (It's part of that whole I-write-for-the-masses thing.)

The employee behind the cash register noticed I had the catalog. She told me a lot of people picked up this month's Previews.

Just so you know, I make an extra effort to be friendly to this particular employee, because three weeks ago I almost made her cry. What did I do that was so offensive? I put a comic book back on the shelf, after I decided I didn't want it. She took this personally. If I could explain it better, I would, but I don't get it either.

In the name of friendliness, I commented that I was in this Previews, and well, you know the rest. To which, she inquired:

"Are you the artist?"
"No, I write the stories."
"Oh" (pause) "I guess that's a nice hobby."

Suddenly, I don't feel as bad about almost making her cry. Hobby? Okay, I'll admit that I'm not filing any tax forms for my writing. I'm not banking. I haven't published a series... yet. But a hobby? Ouch. Ego-buster.