The Comic Pimp waxes poetic on mini-comics

I absolutely love James Sime's weekly column on CBR. Last night, I finished stapling a batch of mini-comics to be submitted for the Isotope Award. Melissa braved the US Post Office to mail it in. Sime's words were encouraging. [read the column]

And if you're making mini-comics, you're making those comics without any of the factory-installed safety features. You've got no power steering or anti-lock breaks and in the city where they built your car, they don't even know what an airbag is. You've got the top down, your seat belt off and you're barreling down the sequential art highway with the stereo turned up to ten and the gas pedal nailed to the fucking floor. You could've stayed at home like all the others and wrote about the state of the comic industry on the internet from the security of your bedroom, but instead you're blowing through small towns, risking life, limb, and the wrath of the local authorities and you are living the state of the industry.