from Kevin Smith's Clerks (Holiday Special)--

Dante: Remember when we watched Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo in class back in third grade, and Miss Veiling asked everyone to write a report about it?

Randal: Sure, I got an 'A'.

Dante: No, you got an 'F' on it-- because it was your contention that Herbie wasn't a benevolent Volkswagen, but rather a German hate-machine possessed by the spectre of Adolf Hilter.

Randal: It was a sentient German car whose contempt for jews was disturbingly apparent, for Chrissakes! Herbie represented the repackaging of Third Reich ideals into something Americans would swallow easier: an affordable car.

Dante: It was called the Love Bug, you idiot!

Randal: Yes, but love of what? Read between the lines, my friend: it was the love of hating jews! That's the movie I saw, and I'm standing by my assessment, almost twenty years later.