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I have a strong background in copywriting, content marketing, social media, PR, and digital strategy—both within an agency setting and on the client side. My work exists to establish a meaningful connection with the intending audience and produce valuable results for the client. Everything I do is part of a larger collaboration with talented designers, creative directors, account managers, and the client. The work featured below is representative of my marketing career, and by no means exhaustive. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


+ A digital marketing expert with a wide range of experiences across numerous industries
+ Published author and TEDx speaker with a reputation for critical insight
+ Excelled as a digital strategist, bringing in new business on a consistent basis
+ Helped rebrand and position healthcare company for future success in a competitive marketplace


The right message in the right place at the right time is powerful. I've spent my whole life fixated on the power of words—the beauty of a well-turned phrase, the nuance of a carefully crafted sentence. Copywriting, when done right, has the sublime effect of poetry.



Content Marketer

I helped our client become the small business bank of choice by developing a resource page on its website, loaded with valuable small business banking content. Search results increased exponentially, exceeding the client's expectations.


Managing editor

I led the launch of a news website focused on trends in wireless communications, especially two-way radios. The site regularly attracted over 5,000 monthly visitors and almost 10,000 page views—sending hundreds of visitors to our client. 


Marketing + Strategy consultant

I oversaw a complete rebrand of Vivicare Health Partners, a privately-owned pediatric PDN company. This effort included a strategic evaluation of the company with a focus on competitive research, messaging (vision, mission, and positioning statements), visual elements, and marketing collateral. I was able to identify new opportunities, especially with the launch of Vivicare Socio de Salud and lead generation for CubHub Systems (a point-of-care mobile app developed by Vivicare). These efforts helped Vivicare be successful in a highly competitive market as they expanded operations into Austin.



“David Hopkins is a brilliant writer and strategist with an amazing feel for digital presence. As our marketing and strategy consultant, he took on the challenge of dreaming and implementing new systems and approaches in a company that had never given focus to marketing other than outside sales. He exceeded his goals ahead of schedule, and always followed through with what he said he would do. David is also just a great guy to work with. He is professional and polite, but isn't afraid to share a good idea. He can offer up a different viewpoint, but is ready to go full force with whatever decision is made. David will be a great addition to any team that values intelligence, creativity, focus, and a positive work culture.”

— Cole Ballweg, president of Vivicare Health Partners

"I met David Hopkins when we both worked together at Idea Grove, and, right away, I couldn't have been more impressed. He's personable, friendly, but, most of all, he's smart. And not the kind of smart that spits facts, but the kind of smart that can take seemingly disparate pieces of information and bring them together into something bigger and cohesive and make you think 'Wow, he's right.' He's a strategic thinker who routinely brought great ideas to our campaigns. And he's a team player, always willing to help when asked. David quickly became my sounding board, letting me bounce ideas off of him and giving me great suggestions when I would get stuck. David is also incredibly passionate, whether it is writing or chess or faith, he dives in head first and immerses himself in a topic. Even if that topic happens to be two-way radio systems. David is the kind of guy you like to sit next to. Having him there makes you better at your job, and I truly miss working with him."

— Jarrett Rush, content director for Idea Grove

"As a senior copywriter, I worked alongside David Hopkins for a little over a year at Imaginuity. I was very impressed with his work ethic and leadership. He was always ready to take on new challenges and at the same time mentor less experienced employees. David was always one of the first to the table with new ideas and always exhibited excellent follow through. Plus, he’s just a nice guy. With his wide range of experiences and interests, he would be a popular asset on any team. If there was a position on my team, I’d hire him myself."

— Jenn Emerson, Senior online community manageR FOR McKesson

"David Hopkins is a writer's writer and an exceptional person. Maybe that's why there aren’t enough words in the English language to describe David’s talent, selflessness or work ethic. Sure, that’s hyperbole, but meeting David is the only way to understand his true value. David and I worked together at Imaginuity. He mentored me, sharpened my writing ability and teased out greatness. Because David believed in me, now I'm a senior copywriter. He'll always be an ace in my book."

— Alvin Starks, senior copywriter at Sanders Wingo


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