2012 was different. Not bad, just different. After twelve years of teaching in the classroom, I left to become a full-time writer. There were a lot of mixed emotions involved in that process--fear, hope, anxiety, excitement, and an overall sense that it was simply time to move on. I'll miss my students and fellow teachers; I was overwhelmed by the encouragement they gave me once I announced my plans. Writing for a living hasn't been this daily creative euphoria, but I didn't expect it to be. Writing for a living hasn't been an easy financial decision, but I didn't expect it to be. It's been hard, and good, and hard, and I shouldn't be surprised. But even if you expect the hit, it still rattles you a bit. In 2012, I've worked with some incredible clients and publishers, and I'm confident for a good 2013. And of course, I couldn't have done any of it without April's support.

I'm ready to leave 2012 in the dust. While all these changes have been incredible in their own way, they can be exhausting. I'm looking forward to a new routine, a new pace, and new ambitions for 2013.

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Memorable events for 2012:

* Left the classroom to become a full-time writer * Family road trip to Wisconsin * Anniversary at Spa Castle * D Academy leadership retreat * Nephew Alex is born. * Launched Short Story of the Month Club * Kennedy and I met Stan Lee. * Shared a story for the Oral Fixation Show

Favorite comic books I read in 2012:

* I'll Give It My All... Tomorrow * 20th Century Boys * Fantastic Four/FF (Jonathan Hickman) * Infinite Kung Fu * Harvey Pekar's Cleveland * Post Apocalyptic Nick * Drama

Favorite TV Shows I watched in 2012:

* Doctor Who * The Walking Dead * The Mindy Project * Downton Abbey * Parenthood

Favorite movies I watched in 2012:

* Marvel's Avengers * Sleepwalk with Me * Silver Linings Playbook * Moonrise Kingdom * The Hunger Games * The Raid: Redemption * Chronicle

Favorite food for 2012:

* The Tenderloin from All Good Cafe

Favorite music I listened to in 2012:

* Adventures In Your Own Backyard, Patrick Watson * The Heist, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis * Love This Giant, David Byrne and St. Vincent * A Thing Called Divine Fits, Divine Fits * Join Us, They Might Be Giants

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