If you've read my twitter feed recently, you could probably tell that I'm doing something with THE WALKING DEAD.

I just submitted a bio that included: "David once sat across from @RobertKirkman during a comic book convention brunch. It was cool." (link) @JasonCopland @kevincneece It's topical. I'm writing an academic essay on Walking Dead. Things I've noticed: Carl plays in the dirt a lot. (link)

Done. 18 pages of notes on Carl in the Walking Dead. (link)

@spiffy You'll like the essay I'm working on. I also like Michonne and Abraham, but Rick's "strong bigger comrades" don't seem to last long. (link)

@spiffy No kidding. Tyreese was great. (link)

Yes, I'm writing my third essay for Smart Pop. The past few days, I've been researching, taking notes, and outlining in preparation. Now, I have about 3,500 words to write by Monday. I'll have more information available as I'm able to release it. The important stuff:

Triumph of The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman's Zombie Epic on Page and Screen edited by James Lowder BenBella Books/Smart Pop November 1, 2011 trade paperback, $14.95 ISBN-10: 1936661136 ISBN-13: 978-1936661138

I'm excited about this one. As you might imagine, I'm a huge fan of the series. It's the best American comic on the shelf right now.

If Walking Dead has taught me anything, it's that you are never safe, but a samurai sword helps. Let's hope I survive the next few days, and I'm able to finish the essay on time.