My girlfriend has a tradition where on her birthday she lists goals, one for each year -- things to accomplish before the next birthday. Here's an annotated list from last year and this year's list. Using April's method, I realize the older I get the more things I have to do, which doesn't seem quite fair. I thought about simply re-posting April's list and begin each item with "Help April..." Then I only need six goals. However, as a public school teacher, I'm committed to the concept that "goals are a good thing." I turned 33 last Saturday. So here we go: 33 things to do before I turn 34.

1. Set aside money every month for my savings and emergency fund. 2. Get a graphic novel submission approved. 3. Attend an out-of-state comic book convention. 4. Learn how to letter a comic book. 5. Compete in regional chess tournaments. 6. Raise my USCF rating. 7. Play basketball. 8. Walk Berkeley more often. 9. Use bike to run local errands. 10. Bicycle regularly. 11. Get back to 150 - 160 lbs. 12. Get Kennedy to school on time everyday. 13. Clear out the pile of branches in the backyard and both side yards. 14. Clean the garage. 15. Get a new table for the office. 16. Buy rugs for living room, office, and Kennedy's room. 17. Resurface wood flooring. 18. Buy a nice case for my guitar. 19. At the end of the year, buy a new TV. 20. Clean up credit rating. 21. Look into options for refinancing house. 22. Read Ulysses by James Joyce. 23. Re-visit Commerce, Texas 24. Sell off excess in my comic book collection. 25. Go to State Fair. 26. Find a driving range -- hit golf balls for fun. 27. Order t-shirts for Martin Chess Club. 28. Participate in our school district's English Alignment Committee. 29. Sponsor our school's UIL Ready Writing team. 30. Vote for Bill White as Texas governor. 31. Support PFLAG. 32. Raise money for La Reunion. 33. Go to Arlington Improv a few more times.