I went to Lee Harvey's last night for our comic book creators meet-up. It was a good night. Recap: I picked up Kristian at Firestone Tire on Greenville Avenue. He parked his car right below a sign that said "TOW AWAY ZONE" and left a message on his windshield: "PLEASE DON'T TOW." I'm curious to see which sign won. Lee Harvey's is a tricky place to find, but after a few twists and turns we arrived. I had a chance to chat with Mark Murphy a bit more about his TIKI JOE MYSTERIES graphic novel, which I love. Mike Lagocki gave me a flier for the PLAYLIST event, which I mentioned in a previous post, and I got a copy of his 24(36) hour comic, "In Dreams" -- incredibly imaginative, creatively stylized. Mike, I would love to write for you someday, but I'm pretty sure I'd just get in your way. Do more stuff like that comic. I also met two web cartoonists Grant Sutherland and Nate Bramble. More impressive Dallas talent. Fear us. Kerry Gammill arrived a little later that night. Kerry and John Gonzales were talking for quite awhile about classic Universal Studio monsters. A few other people were supposed to show (Paul overslept his power nap), but will be there next time. Josh Rose? The people at Lee Harvey's were glad to have us, and very nice. Next month: Thursday, September 4th. I'll probably get there at 7 PM to eat dinner. Apparently, they have amazing food, award-winning onion rings and cheeseburgers, so I need a taste.