The busiest weekend of the year for me, and I forgot to take pictures. Sorry. The 4th annual CAPE was incredible. Best one so far. Richard, Chris, Barry, Sean, Scott, and everyone with Zeus work hard to pull off this comic book festival. And over the past four years, they've created the most pure and genuine celebration of everything I love about this industry. Thank you.

On Friday, April and I drove to St. Pete's Dancing Marlin for the live art show. You know it's going to be a great event when you can smell the sharpies from the sidewalk before you even enter the bar. I hope we keep this location for the annual event. I prefer it to the snobbier, classier Metro Bar & Grill. St. Pete's is more laid back, and it's a nice way to start the weekend. I was celebrating my birthday that night, and if anything, I probably over-invited. There were simply too many people from various circles of friends, and as a result -- I ended up playing "musical friends" all night, hopping from one group to the next. I wanted to hang out with everyone. In the end, I was continually distracted. I apologize if I seemed distant. I was. I'm in love with everyone, and damn it, I want all of you to buy me a birthday beer. April drove us home.

The next morning, I was at Craddock Park at around 8 AM to help set up. They really didn't need me, but I tried my best not to get in the way. I was there on behalf of La Reunion to moderate the writer's panel (proof). Marc Andreyko said it was one of the best panels he had ever been on. Score. At CAPE itself, I had a table next to Chynna Clugston. She's such a sweet person. The minicomic "Mine All Mine" sold well. I'm printing a few more, and will send them to various indie-friendly stores (list coming soon), available May 14th.

The weather was perfect. A little cold in the morning, but we dragged our table out from under the shade of the tent and we were fine. Then it got hotter in the afternoon (mid 70s), so we dragged it back. We're highly adaptable like that. The wind was a problem, but it's a problem every year. This time, I came prepared. I brought six large rocks from my backyard and a plexiglass cover to keep my comic from blowing away. It made for a nice display, and I had no problems. David vs. Wind? David wins this year.

Saturday night, we ate at Blue Mesa. I sat with Crosland, Andreyko, Justin, and Shawn. Andreyko spent most of the night selling us on BlueRay DVD players. I have to admit; I'm intrigued. Add it to my wish list. Later that night, a bunch of us went to Barcadia on North Henderson Avenue. As the name would suggest, the place is a bar/arcade hybrid. Some girl at the bar was trying to set me up with her friend. However, being as lame as I am, I didn't realize until much, much later.

*She bumps into me intentionally*
"Oh, I'm sorry. You should meet my friend."
*I grab my beer from the bartender and leave.*

April, clearly, you have nothing to worry about. I'm just too socially retarded to be a threat.

Next morning, April and I attended the Big Gay Brunch at Frida's. We sat next to Mark Waid and Robert Kirkman. I'm a little TOO much of a fan of their work to fully enjoy sitting with them. I didn't have anything to say that wouldn't sound like the SNL skit by Chris Farley. "You remember that one time you had Invincible's dad reveal his evil plot to take over the world, and he nearly killed his son, but didn't? Yeah. That was cool." My indie cred is shot to hell the moment I pick up my Waid/Wieringo Fantastic Four. Frida's did not seem well prepared for our group, but Robert was funny as hell, so I really didn't mind the wait. The Big Gay Brunch is a great way to close out the weekend.

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