If you miss Emily and want some more Hop-on-Brock action, make sure to pre-order a copy of THE TICK'S 20TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL EDITION #1. Look for it in the February Previews catalog (FEB073669). Brock and I contributed a page to this anthology. It's lovely goodness.

Also, in the February Previews, you must order JOSH HOWARD PRESENTS: SASQUATCH (FEB073830). My two cohorts Tom Kurzanski and Brock Rizy have stories in it. Plus, the freakin' Sasquatch? How fun is that? At 250 pages, full color, this trade paperback will be Viper's largest yet.

Tom, Brock, and I confirmed our table for this year's MoCCA Art Festival. Which is good, because they sold out! There's no more exhibitor space left. Thankful, we've got our space and I've got my plane ticket to New York.