MySpace is in trouble. There are a lot of similar sites popping up all over the place. Most of them are better designed without the prostitutes, spam, and teenagers. ComicSpace hit big, and people are hungry for the site to add more features. Christian Beranek sent me a link for Uber. Have to say, I'm impressed with the clean setup, hip design, and functionality. After only ten minutes or so, here's my profile.

Two things are saving MySpace... barely: (1) Everybody's there. It may be a mad trainwreck waiting to happen, but at least I can find anybody I'm looking for. (2) It takes too much energy to invest in another freakin' social networking site. Sure Uber is spiffy (...except for their name. "Uber" is very two years ago. The word is dead.) but do I really want to take the time to network with the same people I already met over at MySpace? I'm not the first to say this: MySpace is like a bad relationship that you've been in for so long it's just easier to suffer than break-up.

A social site's greatest commodity is its ability to make you look cooler and more acceptable than you actually are. We don't look as pretty on MySpace, do we? Especially with those evil, evil, evil design-it-yourself templates. No one needs a profile page to rain little pink hearts. Say no.