Jim Lujan penciled the last page of our short story "THE HENCHMAN" a few days ago. Now, it's off to Phillip Ginn and Justin Stewart for inks, colors, and letters. Hopefully, we'll have it in print and ready for mass consumption before Staple? Admittedly, Jim dragged me into this project kicking and screaming. I was already knee deep into a several other endevours, and didn't want to add one more. However, I admit I'm rather fond of this story. Jim, you are a good man. The art looks perfect. For my part, I was trying to channel Woody Allen. Modern day absurdity, the long-suffering passive protagonist.

Here's a taste of the dialogue. Special thanks to Jim, Justin, and Phillip for coming up with the acronyms.

(standing in the Social Security line)

NINJA: So, you in the henching business?
JON: Yeah, D.E.A.D.B.E.A.T. You?
JON: Spitface?
NINJA: Super Powered Individual Terrorists Facilitating and Contemplating Evil.
JON: Really? I've never heard of your group before.
NINJA: We used to be called B.O.I.L.C.O.R.E., Brotherhood of the Illicit Legion Carrying Out Righteous Evil, but we went through a huge re-branding phase last quarter. Big mess.