My Pop Syndicate column for this week is: The Lonely Genius

For me, a genius is someone who approaches his or her art with a sophistication and perspective, far above and beyond our ability to fully understand. They don't think the way we do. They forever shape the way we approach subsequent art in their field. They create on an entirely different level. Listen closely: Alan Moore is the only genius in comics. There are some intelligent crazy bastards in comics, many of them also British. That does not make them genius material. Heck, have we ever had a genius before Alan Moore? Joann Sfar and R. Crumb operate on some creepy savant-level. Jack Kirby was so innovative; it would make you cry. Will Eisner was the master craftsman, the Patriarch of American Comics. Paul Hornschemeier is clearly functioning with a different set of rules. Linda Barry is subtle and sly. It's discordant visual poetry. Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, and Charles Burns are our convenient uber-literary examples. The Comics Journal thanks you. My opinion? Alan Moore stands alone as a genius. (read more)