My Pop Syndicate column for this week is: The Cover Price, Part Two of Two

When retailers and publishers have had trouble selling their small press/independent/alternative comics, I have overheard the occasional gripe about the quality of these comics. I don't want to name names, but I've taken in a fair share of the old "how-do-they-expect-me-to-sell-this-crap" diatribe. It's the very nature of any independent venture that the quality will vary drastically from one title to the next. It's a risk. Sure, there's a lot of crap out there. And any reader of indie comics will understand (and be a little bit forgiving) when they try something out, because occasionally, it's exciting when you discover something like Temporary, Living with Zombies, or In My Lifetime. What? You haven't read these books? Well, maybe you should take a few chances on the books you buy! Just like indie films differ from their Hollywood brethen, so do indie comics. Are we really suggesting that quality is the only thing separating a film like Brick from Peter Jackson's King Kong, when it comes to ticket sales and the box office? (read more)