It's been a good year, if not a little chaotic at times. Yesterday may have offered the perfect metaphor. The tornado siren sounded, so Melissa, Kennedy, and I squeezed into the hallway closet. It's a tiny closet. There we were among the coats, illuminated by the light of our cell phones. I was happy to have us all together, hiding from the natural disaster that never hit.

This "best of" blog post is a tradition of sorts. Previous years: 2004 | 2005

Memorable events for 2006:

* Melissa's surprise party.
* dEUS at SXSW. Met Tom Barman.
* Book Tour for Emily Edison.
* Taking Kennedy to the kiddie water park.
* Lizz goes to the Emergency Room.
* San Diego. Brock, Tom, Jim, me, and a bottle of rum.
* Melissa's first roller derby bout.
* Kennedy opening her Christmas presents

Favorite comic books in 2006:

* Buddha (softcover) vols.1-4
* Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness
* Wasteland
* Flight, vol. 3
* Next Wave: Agents of H.A.T.E.
* Fun Home
* Sunset City

Favorite TV Shows in 2006:

* Lost
* Dead Wood
* Heroes
* Studio 60
* The Office
* Rollergirls on A&E

Favorite movies I watched in 2006:

* Brick
* Thank You for Smoking
* Brokeback Mountain
* Marie Antoinette
* The Squid and the Whale
* Thumbsucker
* In the Realms of the Unreal

Favorite food for 2006:

* Pineapple Chicken Curry from Bangkok City. I may have to retire this category.

Favorite music for 2006:

* Salim Nourallah, Beautiful Noise
* Pulp, Different Class
* Astor Piazzolla, The Lausanne Concert
* Gnarls Barkley, St. Elsewhere
* Paper Jones, Paper Jones

It's late. I've got some actual writing to do before I can go to sleep.