My last post was the 666th one for this blog, on the day before Christmas, featuring a large "golden calf" (a baby giraffe is called a "calf"). Oops. Ironically, I'm also in the middle of reading From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell. However, the most disturbing event: For the Christmas Eve Candle Light Service, we used glo-sticks instead of candles. That must be some sort of abomination, yes? My apologies to Baby Jesus.

In other less blasphemous news, here's my convention schedule for 2007. I'll be at Staple (March 3rd in Austin, TX), Dallas Comic Con "Fan Day" (March 17th-18th in Dallas, TX), Cape (May 5th in Dallas, TX), MoCCA (June 23rd-24th in New York City), and Wizard World Texas (November 16th-18th in Arlington, TX). I'd like to plan another book tour through Norman, Oklahoma and Lawrence, Kansas to St. Louis, Missouri. But I should probably wait until I have some new books out.

Via ComicSpace, I found this project "The Wings of Juano Dioz" (sample page) by Stacey Garratt and Nikki Cook. Check out Nikki's site for more artwork. Looks very interesting.