Hey everyone. FYI: Daniel Miller has "content issues". I don't know what that means, but it sounds funny. Actually, he refreshed his site to be more seasonal. The bunny is kinda cool. (check it out)

Yesterday, I confirmed with Richard at Zeus. We're doing a signing on March 7th to celebrate the release of Webslinger from the Smart Pop Book Series.

Cool link: Kitchen Dog Theater

Also, I've been talking with Sarah Jane Semrad. Nothing is official, but we might organize a writer's workshop event for April. Can't really talk about specifics. However, you can be sure it's going to be different. Stay posted. Announcement coming in January.

Finally, even though the whole series has already been plotted for quite some time, I started scripting chapter two of Karma Incorporated: Vice & Virtue. It's been awhile. I wrote the chapter one almost immediately after the original series came out. Felt good coming back to these characters. I've grown rather fond of them. *sigh* If you only knew...