My Pop Syndicate column Beneath the Underdog posts every Thursday morning. Today's column: Joining a Fan Club. The title is a lame reference to one of my favorite Jellyfish songs.

"As a kid, I was a joiner. Always starting one club after another, I had a bike club, a tree climbing club, a G.I. Joe club, an X-Men fight club. (We used to pretend we were X-Men characters and beat each other up. The club ended abruptly one day, when Wolverine kicked me in the head.) In high school, there was never a moment where I wasn't in a band or doing something with the literature club we started. Yeah, I was in the literature club. Big surprise? I was the editor of our 'zine, the Ten-Six. Joined the environmentalist club, because of a girl. In college, I joined the NAACP. That joiner mentality is still hard wired into me. I simply like being part of something." read more

I'm starting a graphic novel discussion group through Pop Syndicate. Every month, a new book.