I've decided to take a break from my blog for November. I'm attempting the NaNoWriMo challenge -- to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. As a result, I need to devote all my free time to working on that. I promise if anything interesting happens in the next 30 days, I'll let you know as soon as I'm done with NaNoWriMo.

I have several projects in front of me: Astronaut Dad, The Last Babysitter, Jack Ruby, more Karma Incorporated?, two as-of-yet unannounced projects (Delta County and Bolivar), and a few more Smart Pop essays. My weekly Pop Syndicate column will still post each Thursday. I finished several of them this past month, and they are already uploaded.

If you get lonely and miss my blog, you can always check out the archives. My first post dates back to August 2003. It mentions both Astronaut Dad and Jack Ruby. I've been working on those for awhile, haven't I?

Don't forget our annual cookout is Friday, November 10th. All the information can be found on the Fanboy Radio forums. Click here.

One last thing: A newly designed Antihero Comics dot com. Maybe. This would be version 6.0. I'm currently without Dreamweaver. It's slowing me down, because I'm messing around with html source code.

See you in 30 days.