10.23.06 - OKAY, THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

Silent Devil has agreed to publish Astronaut Dad. It will be released as a two book series. The first trade paperback will be in stores later next year, and the second volume, a few months after that. Obviously, it's still too far off to get into the specifics. (Heck, I'm still in the middle of some massive revising with the script, 144 pages worth.) I can say it's been incredible working with Christian Beranek at Silent Devil. Here's a guy who approached me, asking what I wanted to do, and has shown complete trust of my creative vision at every level. It's a rare opportunity to play the part of the auteur.

Astronaut Dad will be illustrated by Brent Schoonover. We've been talking about this project since last year. (You might remember some of the earlier character sketches, 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7) Brent brings so much talent to our collaboration. I'm excited to work with him.

Also, this weekend, I got approval for my third Smart Pop Book. I contributed essays to The Man from Krypton and Webslinger (available March 2007). Next up? I'll give you a small hint.