Trailer for Douglas Coupland's first movie (CLICK HERE). Unfortunately, with his last novel JPod, I've had to spend more energy defending his work to myself and other Coupland readers, speaking in terms of "his legacy" and "voice of a generation" and all that back-of-the-book type crap. Here's his thoughts from his website:

Because my writing comes from a different place (art school) than most other fiction, it tends to not fit into too many molds, and each book tends to be quite different than the one preceding it - which is, after a dozen books, my own pattern. "Life After God," say, is radically different from "jPod," and as a consequence I have frequently received polarized responses from readers who love/hate books in comparison with each other. The most fascinating reviews are from people who've read just two books, which seems to bring out their "Inner Simpsons Comic Book Man." If I had to read just two of my books, I'd read "Hey Nostradamus!" and "jPod."

One regret I have is that I'll never be able to read my own books out of sequence. I wonder what it might be like to read "Miss Wyoming" and then "Generation X" and then "Eleanor Rigby" - I wonder what the books would feel like without the aid of chronology.

I first read Generation X in junior high; and ever since, I have read each book in order. Coupland's voice and vision has infected my own thinking, probably moreso than anything else. It certainly made me want to be a writer.