10.11.06 - UPDATES

* Antigone is mentioned in today's Quick DFW. CLICK HERE

* "Emily Edison: Teen Heroine vs. Evil Robots, Monsters, and...Her Grandfather" a review by Scott Tingley, Comics in the Classroom dot net. CLICK HERE

* Tom finished the art for our guest strip in the You'll Have That, 2nd volume TPB. Meanwhile, Brock is working on the art for our contribution to the upcoming Tick anniversary special.

* Don't forget that Lost Books of Eve and A Bit Haywire will be in stores next month. Talk to your local comic book retailer for more information about reserving a copy.

* Kennedy had surgery yesterday to get tubes put in her ears. According to the doctor, there was "a lot of goo in there." She's doing great, and we're certainly glad to have that taken care of.

* Our heater spit out a massive fireball this afternoon whenever we turned it on. We called the fine folks at Douglass Heat and Air, best local place to get this kind of stuff fixed. They'll be installing a new heater tomorrow.

* If anyone owes us money, we want it now. Thank you.