2/24/06 ~ Quotes

I've been working all week on my essay about Craig Thompson. Unfortunately, due to time and page restrictions, I've had to cut a lot of details. I may go back and re-write the essay after my reading for the Paideia College Society to include the items I omitted. Some of it may be a bit too esoteric for my audience. I have an interesting contrasting analysis of Chris Ware and Craig Thompson.

I've re-read all his work. I've read every single interview I can find on the internet. Here are some quotes I found most interesting.

"There's a bitter cynicism, a nihilist attitude, about Spiegelman and Clowes. I think my generation is a bit sweeter, but the sweetness is not ironic; it's sincere. I just think our attitude toward some things is more optimistic."

"I want the line to be alive."

"I called drawing 'worshipful,' because it has that sort of reverence to it -- this sounds cheesy, but you become like a vessel, you look without judgment. A profound act of observation and appreciation."

"Life is always simultaneously beautiful and horrible, so maybe it's sensible to keep a knowledge of suffering while engaging in some pleasurable activity."