2/19/06 ~ "This is self-inflicted."

dEUS will be playing at SXSW on Thursday, March 16th, 1 AM, at Spiro's Patio. I currently do not have a badge or a braclet for the event. (I've heard people talk about the braclet. But on the registration section of the website, I couldn't see any information. Does anyone know what the braclet does or how much it costs?) Allegedly, if a venue does not fill to capacity after taking all the badge or braclet folk, they will take money at the door from people like... me? I hope so.

The plan is to wait outside Spiro's and hope for the best. Thursday night is all European bands at this particular venue, with the first guy on stage at 8 PM. I'm planning to get there early. 6 PM? And just camp out. The dEUS management has been very helpful about keeping me in the loop.