2/17/06 ~ You say "Paideia". I say "Paidayo".

On Saturday, February 25th, I'm delivering a paper for the Paideia College Society. At least, I think I am. My friend Kevin Neece invited me to participate and has been very helpful in keeping me in the loop. However, I'm still in disbelief they'd trust me to put together a 30 minute presentation, especially since I'm not a student there. Most of the topics focus on Christian scholarship. Kevin said I could write about anything. It didn't have to be "Christian". Anything? Yes, anything.

I'm writing about Craig Thompson. I'm re-reading his books and going over every interview I can possible find on the internet. Fanboy Radio's interview (episode #103) was particularly helpful. If anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is interested in listening to a 20 minute analytical infomercial on Thompson's work, influences, and impact accompanied with a spiffy power point presentation, and followed by 10 minutes of Q&A, feel free to come. I'll see if I can get Melissa to bake cookies.