2/10/06 ~ Viper updates

Broken Frontier offers an early look at the upcoming Villains series, a great interview with some amazing preview pages. (read it here) If you haven't yet, make sure to pre-order your Viper books. Don't assume your local comic store will carry it. Let them know what you want. We need to get people talking about Viper.

In other Viper news, Middleman 2.1 is in stores now, only 99 cents. In the back, check out the ad for Viper's Free Comic Book Day showcase. It's cool to see "Emily Edison" there.

Dead@17: Protectorate #3 (a great story!) features a pin-up by Brock Rizy and one by Tom Kurzanski. My two favorite artists! Tom also has a pin-up in the Middleman Vol.1 trade paperback.