2/9/06 ~ dEUS North America tour

Here are the confirmed dates for the dEUS North America tour. Geez, they finally play in the U.S. and nowhere near Texas! I blame Bush. I would consider a roadtrip to Chicago, if it were during Spring Break. There's simply no way I could make a weekday show during the school year.

If you live anywhere near one of these cities, you need to go for me. You lucky ungrateful friend o' mine... sniff, sniff... no, no, I'm okay.

Mar 18 8P -- Troubadour -- Los Angeles, CA
Mar 20 8P -- tbc -- San Francisco, CA
Mar 22 8P -- Chop Sue -- Seattle, WA
Mar 23 8P -- Red Room -- Vancouver, BC
Mar 25 8P -- Cabaret Music Hall -- Montreal, QC
Mar 26 8P -- Lee's Palace -- Toronto, ON
Mar 27 8P -- Shelter -- Detroit, MI
Mar 28 8P -- Double Door -- Chicago, IL
Mar 30 8P -- Bowery Ballroom -- New York, NY
Mar 31 8P -- tbc -- Philadelphia, PA
Apr 1 9P -- T.T. the Bear's Place -- Boston, MA

Check 'em out on MySpace.

**Update** (8:53 PM) Daniel Miller sent me an e-mail. It looks like dEUS is playing SXSW in Austin, which happens to be during my Spring Break. Things are looking up... kinda. Unless I'm mistaken, badges are $525. There's no way I can afford that. And even if I had the money, I couldn't spend it to see one band (dEUS or anyone else). It'd actually be cheaper to fly to New York City and see them there. **Update** (9:36 PM) Oh wait. Flying to New York would be cheaper only if I flew one way. Melissa would probably want me to come home. Nevermind. So, anyone know how I can get into SXSW to see dEUS? :)