2/8/06 ~ Clique! Yer dead!

From our friend Aaron Thomas Nelson--

The world's most famous zombie hunter goes back to High School and cleans up an outbreak of zombies at Pomegranate High School in the Oakland suburbs. Dario Carrasco's and Aaron Thomas Nelson's satirical horror comic "Joe Doogan: Zombie Hunter" makes its second appearance in the comic book anthology Digital Webbing Presents #28. In the short story "Clique! Yer Dead!" Joe Doogan goes toe-to-toe with some jock and cheerleader zombies who have overrun the school.

"Clique! Yer Dead!" is written by Aaron Thomas Nelson, and illustrated by Dario Carrasco. The comic was inked by TG Sangalang, colored by Rich Hiltbrunner and lettered by Matty Ryan. Other Joe Doogan stories are slated to appear in Just A Buck Comics, and an anthology due out in 2006, which will introduce other members of the International Fellowship of Zombie Hunters. Find out more at Digital Webbing and Panday Studio. Digital Webbing Presents #28 (32 pages, full color cover and interiors, $3.99 US) is solicited in January's PREVIEWS (JAN06 3008) for a March release.