1/27/06 ~ Adobe Illustrator as the new funk

Cal Slayton added an Adobe Illustrator tutorial to his website, an interesting step-by-step look at his own process. I'm becoming a huge fan of Illustrator. Brock Rizy is using the CS2 version on Emily Edison with some great results. You'll see. It's an amazing achievement in coloring. Not to mention, Cal's own artwork has moved in an exciting (and just cool-as-funk) direction with his use of Illustrator.

I'm attracted to artists who take risks with their approach to comics. The word people throw around is "stylized", but it's more than that. There's an attitude, like jazz, where it's playful, experimental, and flexible. Working with Brock and Tom, especially, I've come to appreciate that.

"Do not taunt happy-fun ball."