1/20/06 ~ That time of the month

It's time to talk about what you should be adding to your sublist. For those people who are supportive of independent and small press comics, you know how important it is to pre-order. Don't worry about Marvel and DC. If you show up on Wednesday, they'll have 50+ copies of All-Star Superman (which is incredible). But how do you know if your store will have Scott Pilgrim, Vol. 3 when it comes in? Or if they only order one stickin' copy and someone grabs it before you. As one who's experienced that, it sucks! Pre-ordering is easy, depending on the retailer. Just go to an employee and tell them what you want... they'll write down the information and you're set. You may need the order code and stuff, but they'll find it.

Here's my list of stuff to order (which if I missed anything, drop me an e-mail and I'll add it):

Villains (order code: FEB063371) Viper Comics ~ The highly anticipated comic book by Adam Cogan and Ryan Cody, do not miss this one.
Horrorwood (order code: FEB062846) APE ~ From Brandon Terrell and Brent Schoonover, a wonderfully crafted and unique murder mystery.
Digital Webbing Presents #27 and #28 Digital Webbing ~ You've gotta check out Aaron Thomas Nelson's Bob Zombie.
Middleman 2.1 (NOV053249) Viper Comics ~ Without much delay, Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Les McClaine move into their next Middleman series. A very entertaining book. The first issue is only 99 cents.
Middleman Trade Paperback Imperative Viper Comics ~ The first four issues collected, a good price for $9.95. Introduction by Paul Dini and pin-art by my buds Ryan Cody, Nicc Balce, and the unstoppable Tom Kurzanski.
The Cisco Kid : Gunfire & Brimstone Moonstone ~ One mean and gritty western written by Len Kody. I love this series.
Black Harvest Devil's Due ~ From Josh Howard, this book is the first one I read when my new comics comes in.
Dead@17: The Protectorate Viper Comics ~ Story by Alex Hambry, art by Benjamin Hall, and colors by Marlena Hall, every issue surprises the hell out of me... in a good way.

Okay, infomercial is over. Get these books, so we can talk about 'em.