1/9/06 ~ The office got Ikea'd

We went to Ikea on Friday to buy bookshelves and a desk for the office. For two years, the office has been a mess--stacks of books, random paperwork and unpacked boxes scattered throughout. The time had come to paint and decorate. Melissa has a good sense of design, and so we already knew what we wanted before we got there. I had never been to Ikea before. I was duly impressed, and slightly unsettled. At the entrance, there's an elaborate childcare and playground area. Kennedy wasn't old enough, but I don't know if I wouldn't been comfortable entrusting my daughter to Ikea. An escalator takes you to the second floor. The arrows along the floor tell you which way to go. So in order to get to the office furniture, you can't go straight there. You have to walk past everything else first. Part furniture store, part theme park. Disny Land. My favorite part of Ikea was the restaurant. I'd probably shop more often, if more stores came with their own dining area. Swedish meatballs. Hell yes.

The bottom floor is all the random crap like lamps and plastic plants. We only had a couple minutes before closing, so we couldn't stay longer. Otherwise, I'm sure we could've occupied another hour looking for the perfect waste basket or picture frame. The random crap area opens to the warehouse area where you find the item you selected on the second floor. My biggest complaint is the cart they give you doesn't have a foot break. The shelves are heavy! And when I tried to put them on the cart, the cart kept moving backwards. The other customers were more helpful than the employees. On two different occasions, I had customers offer to help me load and unload my cart. The employees avoided eye contact and tried to look busy. Thanks.

The next day, we cleared the office. Painted it. And into the evening, I put together the desk and the two bookshelves. Looks good. I'll post photos soon. It's a little weird being in such a nice office. The old office has the crazed clutter of an aimless hack, but this new incarnation looks like the workspace of a professional. Not a room, it's an affirmation.