12/11/05 ~ Four stars

A review of Karma Incorporated #3 from the ICR (click here to read).

All the responses to issue three have been fairly consistent. A lot of people have been surprised/shocked/put-off by the unexpected change in tone and the graphic nature of this story. That's cool. Honestly, it was the kind of response I was hoping for. I wanted to mess with people (in true Karma Incorporated fashion). They start issue one thinking it's a comedy, and the story changes on them. Some people loved it, some thought I messed up. But I'm convinced if anyone reads all three issues in one sitting, they'd see the tone was there from the very beginning. It wasn't an accident.

In particular, with Marsha, why is she that way? Hopefully, you come to understand her and maybe even care for her. Tom has this amazing ability to create these vulnerable moments with the characters. As an artist, he made it work. I'm in awe of his talent. Tom doesn't just draw "emotions", he draws subtext. And I have no idea how he does it.

I'm glad so many people like Karma Incorporated, and took a chance on the story. Thank you. To everyone else, I refer you to this website. Buy all three issues, and let me know what you think.