12/9/05 ~ Cockroaches and flaming poo

A nice review of Karma Incorporated #2 and #3 from Paul Dale Roberts, Jazma Online.

I love Karma Incorporated, you can hire someone from this organization to ruin someone's day, let's say they get some karma payback! A staff member wants some Karma payback on his boss Donald Williams and is willing to pay to ruin his boss's day and Karma Incorporated will make it look like an accident. Donald Williams aka Mr. Donny (that's what he has his employees call him) gets trapped in an elevator for 3 hours and then is smothered by cockroaches. Karma Incorporated tries to convince the police that they are a data solutions company, when the police try to shut down their business. The artwork is filled with bright colors and the artwork is done with sharpness, it's eye-candy to the reader. There is some intense drama as a big thug tries to rob a white collar worker and gets shot in the process.

In the 2nd issue (#3), our white collared business man Rob Wilson life is falling apart, his suburban life is in ruins, his wife was having an affair and she hired Karma to ruin his life. Rob had his policeman friend bully Karma and then of course he was confronted by the thugs that tried to rob him and he shoots one of them. Remember the dog crap in a burning paper bag door trick? That trick is pulled in the 2nd issue as the victim tries to stamp out the fire. Of course the whole house catches on fire. There is some domestic violence shown in this story and it's pretty graphic. In fact the scenes reminded me of the movie 'The War of the Roses'. Karma Incorporated is an intense story that will keep you riveted from the beginning to the end!